Selling your property with Tiancheng International is an exciting process with the aim of achieving the best possible results for your work of art at auction.

The first step prior to sale is to obtain an appraisal for your property to determine an appropriate auction estimate in today' s market. Each piece is given a low and high estimate which act as a gauge for potential buyers and is an accurate estimation of the work’s market value.

You will also agree on a confidential reserve price prior to the auction which allows you to set the minimum for the sale of your property in the event bidding does not reach the low estimate.
Once the estimates have been confirmed, you will receive a consignment contract confirming the sale date and our conditions of sale. Our specialists will review these conditions with you in detail at the time of consignment. Once the consignment arrives, the rest is up to us. Tiancheng International will ensure our clients are informed of our upcoming sales and the items on offer.

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